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The District Safeguarding Officer, Chris Lewis, can be contacted by ringing 07305 141501 or emailing

As Christians we believe that each person is made in the image of God and is of infinite worth and value. We are charged to love and care for each other. This is particularly true where the most vulnerable members of our community are concerned whether they are children, young people or adults.

Safeguarding is about creating a safe environment where all can flourish and know themselves to be of worth. We are committed to doing that. Each church, group or activity will have a Safeguarding policy and seek to work with best practice.

Changes to Safeguarding Training requirements – April 2021

Due to the travel and contact restrictions that have been imposed to cope with the spread of Covid-19, the Methodist Church has had to make many changes to its normal programmes and plans.This has also had an impact for those members, officers and ministers who are required to undertake Foundation and Advanced Module safeguarding training every four years, due to the cancellation of face-to-face training courses.Those requiring Foundation Module training are now able to complete this online (see below) and those requiring the Advanced Module will be also be able to access an online version from June this year.When we are able to offer face to face training courses again we will also maintain the offer of online courses. Whilst it will take some time to catch up with all those who have been waiting to undertake the training for the first time, or who have reached their four-year renewal point the ability to offer online and face to face opportunities will enable us begin to catch up with the back log.

Foundation Module Training

Foundation Module training is available locally in circuits.  Please contact your Circuit Safeguarding Officer.  Full details appear in this news story.

Advanced Module Training

The District runs the training for this module which is now available online via Zoom or face to face. Full details appear in this new story.


Two webinars were held in November 2020 and information about them both is here: Safeguarding Adults and Domestic Abuse.

Useful Documents

On this page are two PDF documents. The first contains useful information and contacts. The second is an introduction to a comprehensive support pack.
The Word document explains policy changes made in October 2023. 

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