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Learning Network Regions were replaced with a brand new Learning Network Team covering the whole of the Connexion on 1 September 2023.

The role of the Learning Network is to equip and resource the Church through a wide range of contextually relevant learning and development opportunities. You can download our latest Learning Development opportunities  here  and sign up to our  events. The Learning Network shares responsibility with others within the Connexional Team and key stakeholders within the districts, circuits and churches. The work of the Learning Network is developed from what comes out of  Conference, including the Connexional strategies across the team, and what comes up from the grassroots of the districts. The Learning Network works together Connexionally on national projects such as  3Generate, as well as delivering training and facilitating learning events such as  Supervision  and  Positive Working Together.

Priorities for learning and development are considered through the Connexional Learning & Development Forum. These are a mix of locally (church, circuits and district) requested work areas alongside conference/Connexional work areas, with a view to enabling districts and circuits in being places of lifelong learning and sharing. Our priorities are also rooted in all aspects of  Our Calling, to inspire and equip people for a  Methodist Way of Life  - growing as followers of Jesus through our worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism, so that the love of God can be made known in all we do as an inclusive, justice-seeking and evangelistic church.

You'll find lots of information about learning events and opportunities  here.  

Sign up for the Learning & Development Newsletter  here  (link is bottom of the page).

Join the Learning Network  Facebook Group  to share, discuss and learn more. 

Each District has an aligned Learning & Development Officer (LDO). The aligned officer role is one element of an LDO's work as a member of the Learning Network and wider Connexional team. They may also have specialist skills and knowledge, which may be drawn on through the shared work plan. Through alignment they will:

  • Enable Learning and Development in the District;
  • Form key relationship with local leaders (lay and ordained) – superintendents, pioneers, circuit stewards, lay employees, district officers, DSOs etc.
  • Be the main point of contact for the Learning Network in the local area;
  • Advocate for the learning needs of the District in the Learning Network context;
  • Be the flow of communication from the local context to the Connexional team and vice versa;
  • Be an ambassador for Connexional values and work;
  • Identify key learning and development needs in the District and, with their Learning and Development Manager (LDM), help these to be recognised in the Connexional Learning and Development Forum;
  • Track levels of engagement with learning opportunities across the district by circuit;
  • Support needs of particular contexts – Scotland due to geography and Cymru Wales due to language
  • Agree (at the beginning of the Connexional year) in partnership between the Chair, LDM and LDO which they will be part of (Synods, DPCs, Induction, NPNP Hubs, Etc)
  • Agree additional work requests from other Learning Network/Connexional Team members with their LDM.

The aligned Learning & Development officer for the Chester and Stoke-on-Trent District is Simon Sutcliffe. Simon's contact details are and 07799 902578.

There are six Learning & Development Managers (LDM) working with the Head of Ministries and Learning to manage the Learning Network, who are also part of the new Lead Managers group within the Connexional Team. Each LDM has responsibility for some of the L&D Officers.

The Learning & Development Manager for the North West Staff Group is Alison Ransome. Her contact details are: 07799 900474

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