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Grants and Support


The District Resourcing for Mission Group (DRMG) meets four times a year, and one of its tasks is to look at grant applications from across the District.

At the October 2023 meeting, we looked at six applications with a wide range of projects. We are pleased to say all six were approved in one way or another. It was also reported that in the financial year 2022/23 the District was able to award 19 Fisher Fund grants and a further 3 so far in 23/24. This is wonderful to see, as we know that there are many great ideas at grass roots level in our churches and Circuits; it's good to be able to help these projects come to life.

Funds are available from the District, so we are always happy to receive applications for funding towards projects to enhance your mission. The small grants from the Fisher Fund are available to give you the opportunity to test out new ideas for mission and outreach.We also know that some great ideas never get much further than initial discussion. It's the mission and outreach, and growing disciples that you all do in your churches and Circuits which is your expertise.

So help is available to get you started on making funding bids, to get the funds you need to do your work. As well as being District Property Secretary, here to help with property matters and use of the consent site, I am also the District Funding Consultant. I can help you develop your ideas into projects which are most likely to attract funding from Trusts and Foundations outside Methodism
and suggest possible sources and how to apply, as well as guiding you through District applications.

The DRMG is always pleased to see applications, and especially so when we can approve funding for the excellent work across the District.

Sally Graham 19/10/2023

For full information about all the district grants available and how to apply, please click here.

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